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1.5 Gizzard

Well it started as a Gizzard Shad....somewhere I got carried away with the colors. LOL


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Thanks guys. I'll let y'all know if it works in the morning. Supposed to fish a tournament but it's not looking good. Thunder and lightning in the forecast. ;(

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Thanks man. My tournament was a bear of a day. Couldn't get bit on anything but a spinner bait. Rained all day long. I got 4 bites and caught 2. 4.5lber and a dink .The guy that won caught 3 in the first hour. 14.75lbs. Most folks didn't even get bit at all. I go up to Gaston Lake this weekend to pre fish for next weeks tournament.......I sure hope it's better than this one was. LOL Back into the paint shop to see what I can conjure up..........

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