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Chartreuse Sexy Shad 110

To bad I just dropped one on the concrete while clearing the rear hook hanger. I JUST PAINTED AND DIPPED IT!!! Trashed!!!


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Dang Joe ! Hate that it got trashed! I dropped a spoon that I had painted and cleared 3 times the other day ! Yep, I gave up ! ........Oh your baits.....sweet as usual !

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Cool paint Joe. I've never dropped one on concrete since I paint in the house. I have dropped however them on the carpet and trust me when I say you won't be seeing any "fuzzy" crankbaits in stores any time soon.

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Yeah I've got etex on the kitchen floor a couple times from dropping lures. Most times I've been able to quickly wipe them off but this concrete sealer does not come off to good after 40-50 minutes. Oh well I'll just have to put that one in my box. Don't think the guy would want that one now.........."oh yeah, that other ones just got some new dirt and dog hair glitter. It's the new go to pattern" hahahaha

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