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Interesting...I can only assume that you plan on using this to make a darker buried layer with a clear or lighter colored body.  It's multilayer extrusion (Joe the Pliumber) and it's for adding a burried layer through a seperate channel.   It injects one material inside of the other.   Not to be confused with 2 port injection for laminates. 

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40 minutes ago, Lucky777 said:

Is there anywhere I can purchase one of these? Or is this only custom made for yourself?

I can make you one if you want, but I have no idea how it will work.  I never made one for myself.  I made the model for one of "those guys"  LOL 

I imagine it might work ok in single cavity molds, but in multi cavity the results would have to be pretty unpredictable.  





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Nope.  I never made it or tried it.  I originally posted it as a sort of a sarcastic shot at a guy who kept asking for things to machine.  I've had several people say they want one, but not bad enough to pay for it, so I never made one.   Its pretty low on my maybe someday list of projects.  Its not hard.  I just hate to tie up a machine on it.  



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