River2Sea repaint of the larger s-waver for a friend. Sand blasted original coating off which was all too easy. All Createx transparent paints except the gill plates and belly have pearlized white. The softer plastic tail colored up with felt markers to match. I didn't base coat the bait with transparent white this time which allows much more light to come through the bait. Difficult to show in pictures but in the sun the gill plate shines through but in the shade the pearlize white pops.


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Thanks.  Sand blaster is a cheap plastic pot unit with a hose out the bottom.  Use regular sand blasting.  Has the nozzle you connect the air too and it siphons out of the container.  I just use leather gloves and a welding hood with the dark shade flipped up.  I'm doing it outside, the sand goes everywhere.  Would be much more efficient to get a bench top bead blaster I think but my Dad had this one.

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