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Just began trying my hand at making my own lures. I got a lathe and have been doing a lot of reading. Here is my first batch. I hope some day I will be able to match some of these works of art that some of you put up! I've been casting soft plastics for over a year and it's so fun catching on home rolled stuff! I'm just doing simple poppers to start but eventually want to carve some of the more detailed pieces I see on this site.

    Some nice plugs you've turned down there , .....great paint patterns , too !


    Greetz , diemai

    I like the colors. If this is your first batch, you're way ahead of the game!

    Thanks guys!! This is so addictive! Now I just need to practice how to keep them in my tackle box! Everyone wants one and I've been handing them out to close friends and family!