Disc Spoons

Hi , folks ,

After TU member Griffond had pointed out these kinda weird vintage lures here on TU , which were made in Minnesota during the 1950's , I could not help to do my own knock-offs , .....I'm just into casting spoons too deep !

After having made an initial prototype of copper sheet and having tested the blank in my bathtub , I was pretty much amazed about the swimming action that these lures do perform , so I launched some more .

You may read more about these lures in this thread opened by TU member saltwater :


So well , for a start I came up with 11 spoons alltogether , sized 30 , 50 and 70 millimetres in diameter , whereas the largest spoon is a twin spoon , meaning two thinner spoons are connected with the splitrings for added noise , ........spoons are made from copper and stainless steel sheet , plain polished , two darker steel spoons are annealed for a little darker appearance .

As from coming weekend I'll test these "disc spoons" on fish , as the local predator's closing time did finish just today , ....and I'm really looking forward to positive results due to the strong , canting action of these lures .

Only little concerns do remain about their casting performance , ........would the hook tend to foul the leader , would the spoons level on flight to glide on an air cushion for maximum casting distance , or would they get to flutter and fly into unpredictable directions ?

I shall see next week , ...

Greetz , diemai

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Neato. Maybe I'll make some small ones up for trout if you like em.



Thanks , Bill , but I guess , you can't go much smaller than the 30 mm one , maybe down to 1" minimum , as you'd still need something to hold on , when beating the spoon's cupping with a ballpeen hammer , ...ordinary sized ballpeen hammer one won't even do , I have a smaller homemade one .


I'll report back how they'd work , even planning on a how-to video some day !

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