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My phantom brown wiggle warts

Two of Jim's Wiggle Warts, one two rattles, one three rattles.

The belly is Createx transparent orange, thinned 50% with 4011 reducer. I sprayed multiple thin coats over the entire bait to give an orange cast to the whole thing.

Then I thinned med. brown transparent 50% with 4011, and sprayed the sides and back. I did additional coats on the back to make it a little darker.

Before I began painting, I put shell markings on with black and brown sharpies.

I did the eyes with a black sharpie, and, using my gloved thumb for a template, I sprayed uncut tran. orange on the bill to give the "claw" look, like the originals.

I put one dip coat of Solarez gloss on one, and two on the other. The additional coat added .3 oz.

Please let me know what you think.


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I think they turned out real nice.  Great pattern well done.  They should catch 'em good.  Thanks for sharing 'how ya did it' too.  Did you mean .03 oz?  I don't think it could add .3 oz.

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Thanks.  I hope you're right.

I meant grams, not oz.  Doh!!!

I weighed both baits before I dipped them, and they weighed the same.  Afterwards, the one with two dips is .3 gram heavier.  That's a little less than .3 oz for sure.

I'll check them again tomorrow morning, in case I'm hallucinating. 

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Thanks.  I wanted a transparent scheme, like the old Wiggle Wart Phantoms I've seen, and this one is see-thru from below and the sides.

Our water is clear out here in SoCal, so I just want to give a hint, not hit them over the head with something solid.

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Mark, those are very nice. Craw patterns are my favorites and you did well on these. I'll bet they get clobbered.


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Thanks John.

They are really easy to paint.

I dipped them both in Solarez, including the bills, and hung them to drip before I cured them, so the resin on the bill would be thinner and not affect the action, but would still protect the Createx on the bill.  It worked, and held up for the little bit I threw them this weekend.

I fished both this weekend and they hunt just like the better old versions.  The new lake I fished was low, and there was very little rock in the water, so I didn't throw them much, but they do swim really well, and are erratic, too.

Jim Sharphorn of Predator Baits nailed it!



At $2+- they are a steal!

"Don't be dumb, git you some!"  Hahaha

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