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Flitter Shad

There was some discussion recently about the Ichiban Balsa Pro so I decided to try my hand at building one. The dimensions are the same as the Balsa Pro, but paulownia was substituted for the balsa. It's painted using Createx and Auto Air colors in the Flitter Shad pattern that works so well in this part of the woods on a Zara Spook. Sealed with BS epoxy and top coated with 3 brushed coats of DN S81.

I'm anxious to compare it to the Spook in the same color to see if there's much difference as to how it catches fish.


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Thanks Mark. I'm not exactly sure how it compares to the way the Spook sits in the water as I don't currently have a Spook to compare it to. I actually made two versions of this bait. Everything is the same except for how they are weighted. I moved the ballast farther back on one and have only been able to test them in the bathtub where it's a bit hard to get something walking before you run out of room. I'll try to remember to give you an update once they've been tested at the lake.

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