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SF true smelt

SF true smelt

Few days ago i finished off the mold for my new smelt bait that i plan
to have different kinds in the future but at first 2 prototypes i
decided to go with a trolling bait with a saddle lip and a top water
style Nirha (old Finnish top water bait). and of course since this bait
is supposed to kinda imitate a smelt i though it was only appropriate
that i should make at least the first baits imitating them and i must
say they came out looking pretty nice

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    Those two baits are looking very good.

    mark poulson
    May 27 2014 10:01 AM

    Two thumbs up!!

    thanks fellas im really found of these ones too ;)

    AWESOME MATE your skills are top shelf....love em.......

    great job...

    Very very nice! That is some awesome work on the blank and the paint is spot on! You are a great artist. Thanks for inspiring me to do better!

    Jul 13 2014 01:43 AM
    Been following your baits for some time, and you seemed to kick it up a notch with each new bait. Just amazing..period