SF true smelt

Few days ago i finished off the mold for my new smelt bait that i plan

to have different kinds in the future but at first 2 prototypes i

decided to go with a trolling bait with a saddle lip and a top water

style Nirha (old Finnish top water bait). and of course since this bait

is supposed to kinda imitate a smelt i though it was only appropriate

that i should make at least the first baits imitating them and i must

say they came out looking pretty nice

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Very very nice! That is some awesome work on the blank and the paint is spot on! You are a great artist. Thanks for inspiring me to do better!

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25 minutes ago, mmanolis2001 said:

Is that foiled or all paint with texture from the mold?


Those look incredible.  Love your stuff. B)


the details are carved on to the bait and some parts are foiled ontop of that

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