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Bluegill Swimbait. Silicone Top hook line through.

bluegill swimbait


Gail Ratcliff

Bluegill Swimbait.  Silicone Top hook line through.

Here's a silicone swimbait I made. The color won't wear off because it's built in! It's a line through top hook.

    Looks great. You did a fine job with the mold. Also with colouring the silicone. What type silicone do you use to make the lure? Hardness ect ect

    It's ecoflex 30 from smooth-on.  It's 00-30 hardness which is below shore A.  That's the softest silicone that I have found that isn't tacky once cured.  It's a little stiffer than standard plastisol, but if you make your tails a little thinner they still kick really well.  It's more durable than plastisol (I've caught several dozen fish on another bait I made without tears or anything) and I think it's a lot safer and easier to work with.  I glued the eyes on with G.E. silicone *I clear caulk.  You can get it at most hardware stores, but it has to be silicone I, not silicone II.  It's the only silicone I have found that will stick.  You could also use that to repair a bait if it did tear.

    Awsome, Thanks for the info. I have thought about makin some lures with it, just never did. I make all my own RTV molds, so is nothing new for me. I might try some in the near future when I get some time or at the least next winter.

    The only thing to watch out for, is I'm not sure how you would pour silicone into silicone.  If you used a release, you may not be able to paint it afterward if that's something you would want to do.  You might need to make a silicone positive and then make a hard resin mold to pour into, or make your molds out of some sort of non-silicone rubber. Not sure.  I make my molds out of HDPE that I carve with a cnc machine so It's not an issue.

    THats nice. I have used HDPE for masters before. I was gona use some type of hard material. Urathane maybe, will need to research again, been a while since I checked on all that stuff