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Crab Crank Bait

Crab Crank Bait

This is a concept bait I have been working on. It is made to resemble a blue crab and I plan to use it to catch red fish. This is a prototype. Has anyone attempted anything like this? Let me know what you think.

    I don't know a lot about saltwater fishing, but it looks good to me. I do have a question though. Does your crab lure work like a rural mailbox in that when the flag is raised "you've got mail"? Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

    Well played sir... I guess I need to pay closer attention to the back drop.
    Braided Line
    Jun 07 2014 07:06 AM

    A "concept bait"  is a starting point. 

    Would like to know more about the kind of action this bait would have in the water. Looks like a great concept!

    Curt, the legs are metal bead material like a ceiling fan chain. The weight causes the bait to float on its belly like a crab. I tied onto the point on the side if the bait so it would swim like a crab. The bait dives to about 12" when retrieved but floats to the surface very quickly when I stop reeling.