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Crawdad jig trailer by Ericross916

crawdad delta bass fishing

Crawdad jig trailer by Ericross916

I made these for punching beavers, jig trailers, weighted texas rig and weighted swimbait hook or screwlock beast hook. I started pouring a bunch and the color schemes kinda started evolving. I will be mostly doing these in natural colors of delta crayfish because I mostly fish the California Delta.

    Eric I really enjoy your awesome way to make plastic swimbaits that you post on YouTube I'm in the process of making a rtv mold for one of my baits Thanks for your help
    Jul 06 2014 09:30 PM

    thanks for the feedback! I am glad the info in my vid helped you.  I don't think I am an expert, but I get a lot of ideas and tips from youtube so I like to share what I have learned.  thanks again and good luck to you!