1 oz Fixed Blade Jig

First one I have been able to build that might work. Will find out tomorrow and let you know. 6/0 VMC Barbarian Hook, 1/16 inch thick Makrolon lip, powder painted using Cadman's tap the brush method, and an aluminum horse mane comb. (Thanks Cadman, I have used this method a lot.) Clear coated with D2T. Hydro Silk Skirt, Don't think they are made anymore.


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It looks great John. Love the choice of colors and you seem to be doing really well with the "tap the brush" method. Nice job.


As far as the picture being washed out are you using a flash or just the light from a lamp? When I take pics inside I turn the lights on in the room and then try to turn the bait so there is as little glare as possible coming from the lights from the cameras point of view. I also use the flash, but use a piece of toilet paper draped over the flash. Just make sure the toilet paper isn't hanging down over the lens. This lets enough light through from the flash to remove any shadows, but not so much that it causes added glare. It's sort of a soft focus kind of thing. It also helps if you have a tripod or some other way of steadying the camera.



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so, how did it work? 

I worked today, I have a friend that is taking it for a workout this afternoon. Will let you know.

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The action on the fixed blade jig is strong, not subtle in any way. It hammers. I made a bath tub video of it and put it on Photo Bucket but I cannot get the link to work. I will try to figure out what I am doing wrong. it has two different actions.


First, the action is not hard to get going, it starts at a slow roll pace and rocks from side to side, almost a roll. it is big enough so that I can see the hook of either side as it rocks.


Secondly, I think it has an X-ing movement. although I can't see its head shaking, the skirt is swimming with a very pronounced and smooth flowing S motion, almost like a multi-jointed swim-bait.


Still trying to get the video clip to work.

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