Wart Paint

Here's a couple of the Warts I got from Predator. The top one is done in the Bengal Tiger pattern. The next one down is a "dirty" orange with an olive green back and the bottom one is a Missouri Craw pattern. I "updated" the bars on the side of the Missouri Craw from the original which had the old Storm pattern. The "dirty orange" and the Missouri Craw look a lot alike, but the Missouri Craw has a pinkish hue to the body. I used Mark's trick of holding your finger over the lip to paint the pincers. Thanks Mark. Really looking forward to fishing them.

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Thanks Joe. I'll never be able to paint like you, Cougar and a bunch of others here at TU, but by keeping the paint jobs simple and using templates they still manage to catch a few.

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Those are all beautiful, but I love the dirty orange and the way you faded some color down the side of the diving lip. To me, those fades look like the pitchers extending forward from the craw. Good stuff!

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Thanks Fatfingers. I got the idea for the pincers from Mark. He painted some Warts a couple weeks ago and told us how he held his finger over the lip and then sprayed around it to get that look. It works really well if you don't mind painting your fingernails. With as much fingernail polish as Mark uses to I still say he's using some of it to paint his toe nails. :)

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