Desert Sunset Squarebill 2.5

New lure pattern just developed. Blue pearlized pattern applied by dabbing an artists sponge in the paint


© Lure Me In custom Painted Crankbaits


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I'm pretty sure it won't catch a fish where your from. But i'm real sure it will kill um where i live so just send it on down here.....LOL  Great job.

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Believe it or not, just 5 colors...    Yellow, indian red, detail sepia, pearlized blue (sponge pattern), black for the gilll plate..  I do my best to keep things simple incase I get a large order...

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Very nice.  So you achieved the blue pattern using a sponge?  That's awesome.

Yes.. coarse artists sponge found at any art store.. I came up with that technique out of the blue one day and decided to give it a shot and I was stoked how well it worked!!

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