Pvc suspender

5th Lure finished. Pvc,twisted stainless & Jan's lip.Suspending to a very slow sinker. Createx & epoxy.Enjoy the whole process.


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Good shape .....clean paint lines.....smooth finish with no bubbles....... Nice job. The first thing I noticed though was that the eyes seemed a little farther back than what is considered "normal". The fish have the ultimate say so though and as long as it catches whatever I think means nothing. Your doing much better work than I did on my 5'th bait.



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Thanks Ben. I actually used some oversized eyes and set them a little further back than what's "normal" just to get a different look than the first one I did. We'll see what the fish think.

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I do the same thing. Always "tweaking" something to see if it works any better than the previous build. That's one of the main reasons I got into building baits instead of just painting them. Just remember that once you've gone down that path there's no turning back. Welcome to "the dark side". :)

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