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Fixed Blade Jig 02a

Fixed Blade Jig 02a

This is the second one I have made. I only has the first dip of paint and I have not finished painting it. The only difference in this one and the first one is the size and style of blade and it does change the action some what.

    Here is a video of this ones action. I added the contrasting spinner bait trailer so that the movement imparted by the blade is easier to see. It is tighter and smaller than the first one.



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    This one is not finished yet, I wanted to check its action before I put any more time into it.


    It has only the first dip of green pumpkin powder coat.The skirt will be removed and it will get Cadman's,"tap the brush", paint job. Next, the blade will be glued in with super glue gel and the whole thing will be coated in D2T.


    One more thing that I like about this one is the width of the blade at the bottom I dropped it severl times in a tub of water and every time, it landed upright and not on its side.

    Nice action.


    Is that lip made of lexan?

    Thanks, it is Lexan. 30 thousandths.