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First baits

First baits

First time ever painting with an airbrush. Seen a lot of people doing it lately and figured I'd give it a shot. Still need a ton more practice. Lol

    If that's is your first time airbrushing baits I think you've got a bright future. They look good.

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    Well thank you very much. These 4 are the first I've ever done. I bought the cheapest airbrush/compressor combo I could find which ended up being master brand createx paint and bsi epoxy. Super cheap blanks (which I regret now but I figured the cheaper the better in case I didn't like it I didn't have much invested) but I really enjoy doing it and hope to get much better in the near future.
    Jan 15 2015 11:20 AM
    That one in the top left corner I dont think I could paint now. You are doing really good.