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The shaft has a coil spring .. Will this increas Vibration ? Prompted on the weird shaft in the spinner baits section

    I got around to fishing this bait and could not tell any more vibration than normal   ... Did catch 41 nice warmouth  ..  No Bass but 1 Jack (Easter Chain Pickeral)

    Would having the coil closer to the line tie give the arm more leverage to flex and thus more vibration? Just wondering out loud. Nice looking bait by the way. Like those colors.



    Looks like you have two coils on this one, a verticle and a horizontal one.  Nice and neat build. I too like the colors.



    John When I use wire this light I like to coil the eye for line tie  .. Old Clothes Pin Design.  I tried the "In Arm Coil" further down and it was about the same in amount of vibration I could feel  ..  Thanx for the comments Guys   .. I call that skirt "Texas Chicken" from the soft plastic version