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Lure Drying Rack


Maybe someone will find value in this. This is my lure turner/drying rack. I re-purposed an old motor from a piece of woodworking gear that had a variable speed motor. Variable speed is not need but handy. The arms are about 14 inches long and 2 inches wide. One arm has paper clips screwed to both sides on the edges and one arm has the same clips on one edge and "Velcro" on the other side to hold unusual items.

Another thing you might find handy is the roller chain connecting the two arms. That works well, there is no slop during rotation so there is no need to try and balance the load at that given time. The motor is direct drive to one arm and chain driven to the next. I'm sure if needed you could extend out several more arms if needed. This setup is nice and compact, works well, and can spin +30 lures at a time if needed as configured.

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