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Smelly Belly 6.0 floating crankbait by TC

This 3/8 oz "Sunset" colored crankbait is made us, Taylor Custom Baits. We are brand new and very excited to share some of our products with you. We are in the process of building our website but for now we are going to sell a few in Ebay. Now about the bait.....this bait has been weighted perfectly to have an enticing semi-tight fast wiggle which runs true right out of the box. It dives 6ft when using 10lb fluorocarbon and can be retrieved at fast speeds. It is a floater and when sitting still the head is slightly down. When paused during the retrieve this bait will backup. It has a UV enhancer and a beautiful tough topcoat. This particular crankbait is silent but we do make a rattle version(FYI-All of our crankbaits that have rattles are designed to only rattle when they bump into something, other wise they are silent) This bait also features top of the line components like 3d eyes , premium stainless steel heavy split rings, and short shank VMC hooks. And last but not least it features a scent pod in the belly which leaves a scent trail as it's fished. This particular crankbait is garlic scented. Over the past year we have had the most vicious strikes on the smelly bellies than any other crankbait we've ever fished!! It truly is a bait that's far more superior than any production bait. Fish Approved

"Serious Baits for Serious Fisherman"


© 2014

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