I was inspired to try building this

after reading the post,"Is there anything to

this" in the wire baits forum. These are made

with .035 spinnerbait wire on the bottom and a

titanium wire for the blade arm.

The first few that I built, I could easily twist the brass sleeve and pull out the titanium wire. The titanium wire would just not stay on the lower arm. To correct this, and give the brass sleeve something to grip when crimped I used a dremel with a cutting disc and made two very shallow notches on each side of the shortend lower wire arm then slid an .055 inside diameter brass sleeve and titanium wire over it next I crimped it with crimping pliers and put the crimping pliers jaws in a shop vise and put everything on it that I could. After removing it from the vise, I found that I could no longer twist the sleeve nor pull out the titanium wire. I have thrown one of them for over 6 hours and it is still intact and I see no sign of it starting to come apart. The one which I threw was a 1/4oz version with a #4 willow leaf blade.

The Lexan/plastic bladed bait really

starts up at a very very slow pace, just as the bait starts to move, the blade is so light that it just lifts and starts to spin. The lexan blade is made of 30 thousanths lexan.

To make it, I just traced around a

blade, cut it out then sandwiched it between

two blades, clamped it with visegrips and

heated it with a heat gun for about two and a

half minutes it came out with about the same cupping as the original blade.

I do feel that I felt more vibration with this bait than I do with a regular spinnerbait. .


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