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My Frst Bass On The Flex Arm SB

My Frst Bass On The  Flex Arm SB

Found time this morning to take the Flex Arm Spinnerbait for a workout. I was very pleased with it. we arrived at the lake at daybreak And by 8am, I had this beauty in the boat. according to the Berkley hand held scales, she weighed 5lb 7 3/4oz. I lost another big bass and caught a 12 or 13 incher and a 2lb walleye.

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    Congrats on a nice fish John. Nothing like catching them on something you made.

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    Thanks Ben. Can't wait to go back. We have our Club Classic the last week of October. Our little club is 21 years old now and I have never won a Classic yet. I will put in lots of practice this year and hope for the best.


    Well good luck on your Classic John. Hope you kick some bass. :)

    :-) Thanks guy!

    The Flex Arm SB is still catching a few fish even when no one else is catching fish on a spinnerbait. My Grandson and I  fished our classic this past Wednesday and placed second in it. One decent fish early on the Flex Arm and then nothing for two hours. Changed over to a Jerk bait and caught 9 more. best five was almost 10 pounds and was good enough for Second place. My grandson was extremely happy, and so was the old fart (me).

    Big congrats to you and your grandson John. It's great that he's interested in fishing and that you are able to spend time with him.

    Thanks Ben, He is eat up with it. He is six years old and for the past few months has said he wants to be a professional fisherman. hopefully, maybe that will happen one day. But in the meantime keeping him interested in good clean activities  things 

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    Hey! I have a hat like that nice. The fish is nicer though. Glad you and your grandson did well in the tourney thats awesome.

    Big Bass Man
    Jan 11 2015 09:16 AM

    Nice catch!!

    Rhersh I have two of those hats, one for me and one for the grandson they are very expensive but they gave us a Bass Boat to go with them. :-)