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black widow

black widow

O.K. I know this isn't a lure but I wanted to try to make one of these and since I have posted lures on here before I thought it would be ok. The body of the lure is made with epoxy putty which I have never used before except to fill holes in my cedar lures. It really worked great for this. Easy to form and control. The legs are bailing wire and I built the thickness up toward the body with several coats of Etrex. I then used a dremel to scale down the lower ends to give it the actual look of the spiders legs. This spider sits 2 in. off the ground and it is 6 in. from one leg to the leg opposite it. This thing is huge!

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    Looks really nice, Mike!

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    mark poulson
    Oct 17 2014 12:28 PM

    I just killed one that was 2" total on my front porch.  Scary!!!

    Great job!

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