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Two Predator Baits knockoffs I cleaned with an acetone dip, painted with Createx and Wildlife Colors, heat set each coat, and dipped once in AC1315, all on this last Thursday.

I hit the AC twice with the hairdryer, lightly, after it was dry to the touch, about 30 minutes after dipping.

I fished them both yesterday, and caught fish on the square bill, bumping shallow rocks and coming over and through grass.

The finish on both lures looks like I just dipped them. These pictures were taken this morning while they were still tied on.

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Thanks.  We fish clear water mostly, so this type of paint scheme works well for shad cranks, especially anything more shallow.

I think they don't get as good a look at it.

The 1.5 puts out a lot of vibration, too, so it works well in mud lines.

It's hard to see in this photo, but the 1.5 has an internal hologram film, very subtle, so it really flashes, too, but it's still transparent.

I got some from Jim at Predator Baits, but he said the supplier was so hard to deal with that he doesn't carry them any more.  Too bad, it's a great bait, and a great concept!

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The entire bait is first coated with Wildlife sparkle white, heavy on the belly and light on the rest.  I was careful to do a light coat, so the hologram still flashed through.

The back is a very light coat of Wicked black.

Then I shot another light coat of Wildlife trans. violet over the back and shoulders, but I did it all from the back, so it just barely went down the sides.  It's easy to put too much violet on the black and then you get a violet instead of just a blush of the color.

The shad dots are black sharpie, heat set.

Then add the eyes, one dip coat in the AC1315, and tah, dah, a fish catching fool!!!

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Thanks Mark, can't wait until I have time to learn to paint. We have a couple of very clear lakes in our Tennessee hills, they all some good small mouth in them.

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Smallies love jerkbaits with flash.

I have some old Orbit 80 jerkbaits with a silver/black back paint job.

I added flash by coating the sides and belly with Sally Hansen's "In The Spotlight" nail polish.  It is a clear with small pieces of mylar in it.

I also use it on spinnerbait blades to add flash.

It is crazy how much it flashes.

And you don't have to be a painter to use it.

You just brush it onto whatever lure you want to flash more.

Good luck.

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