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Two Predator Baits knockoffs I cleaned with an acetone dip, painted with Createx and Wildlife Colors, heat set each coat, and dipped once in AC1315, all on this last Thursday.

I hit the AC twice with the hairdryer, lightly, after it was dry to the touch, about 30 minutes after dipping.

I fished them both yesterday, and caught fish on the square bill, bumping shallow rocks and coming over and through grass.

The finish on both lures looks like I just dipped them. These pictures were taken this morning while they were still tied on.


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Thanks for the link, and the acetone tip! I was wondering how you used the acetone as the last time I tried acetone on a lure it literally melted it, and it was only in a bath for a minute.

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Love the color and the look. Nice.

Thanks.  Ghost patterns, where you can see through the bait, seem to work better for me when the water is clear, like here in SoCal.

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