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Stunned Mullet

Reflexion Swimbaits Stunned Mullet pattern


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Thanks! This is a 5" line through triple poured with a clear belly, black top with blue pearl and a red vein. The belly color has large holographic flakes. I use a special nickel plated insert unique to Reflexion Swimbaits.

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Thanks donak!


Fishnart - yes I do. I started a small business a little over a year ago and keeping up with everything has been crazy. My company name is Reflexion Swimbaits and my website it reflexionswimbaits.com

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Curt - line through just means that the line passes through the bait and ties to a free treble hook on the bottom. Great way to throw a big nice bait because after the hookset the bait slides up the line out of the fishes mouth so it doesn't get chewed up as much!

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