recoated lures

Two lures I recoated, first in Sally Hansen's "In The Spotlight" clear with mylar bits, and then dipped once in AC1315.

Both were fished hard yesterday, including a couple of rocky landings (wind aided, of course).

The jerkbait is a newly recoated bait, a Zipbaits Orbit 80 in the 409 paint scheme, so it has no other finishes under what I just put on it.

The second, an older Yozuri 3D vibe (3/8 oz), had been fished hard before, and the original body had some hook rash on the plastic.

I recoated both, and I was happy because neither shows any damage or change from when I took them down off the drying rack above my workbench.

The hook rash on the 3D vibe is actually the old hook rash, reading through the new coatings. The mylar strands that cross the old rash are still intact, so the AC1315 really performed well.

I'm a happy camper.

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They look good Mark. Guess I'm gonna have to try the AC1315.


What I want to know is what are you doing with roofing shingles in your boat?

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Hahaha.  That's just the silver glitter cap on my gunwal.


As for shingles in the boat, I had chickenpox as a kid, so, according to the latest scar ads on TV, I carry the shingles virus wherever I go now.  Hahaha

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I can tell what it is now that you told me......DOHH...... I would have sworn it was a roofing shingle turned upside down.


Having shingles is one thing I won't have to worry about. Not sure how I missed out on getting chickenpox, but I did.

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