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Flat Sides

Flat Sides

Here's a couple flat sides I've been working on lately. Paulownia wood....Createx, Auto Air, and Wicked paints............top coated with BS slow cure (30 minute) epoxy

    Wow, Ben! Those look awesome!


    I really like that top color with the gold sides and black back. Would work great here in New England where golden shiners are native forage.


    And the Fire Tiger isn't shabby either.


    Are these for sale, by any chance?

    Thanks Curt. :) PM sent.

    mark poulson
    Dec 05 2014 09:47 AM

    Really nice!

    The bottom one in the fishnet stockings that looks so sexy should be named The Hooker!

    Thanks Mark. "The Hooker" it shall be. :)

    Good Naming Mark, All are Nice,  "The Hooker" is my pick. :-)

    Classic profile and three well done classic patterns. Those three would be all you'd need when the crank bite is on!

    Thanks Fatfingers. Now if I could just get my top coats to look like yours I'd be a happy camper. :)