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7" S Waver copy glide bait

7" S Waver copy glide bait

This is my copy, in PVC trimboard, of the S Waver glide bait.
It is 7" long, weighs 50.5 grams, as opposed to the original's weight of 44.5 grams.
It is painted in Wicked White (base coat),Createx, Folk Art, Wildlife, and black sharpie dots.
It was dipped once in AC1315, two hours ago, after I finished painting it and heat set all the paint and the sharpie. The tail is from a clear margarine tub top, cut with scissors, and colored with sharpies. I dipped the tail in the AC1315, too.
It has been dry enough to handle for the last 45 minutes, giving me time to reassemble it, add the hooks back on it, take some pictures, and bring it into the house to get warm and cozy overnight.
Again, a huge assist goes to TU, whose members helped me figure out how to get the blankity blank thing to actually glide.
It has 13 grams of ballast in the front section, including the 3 gram hook hanger, and 6.5 grams in the back section, again including the 3 gram hook hanger.
The paint and top coat added a total of a little more than a gram of weight.
I'm going to let it cure out tomorrow, and fish it Saturday!

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    mark poulson
    Dec 11 2014 08:41 PM

    I painted it today, too, and dipped it in the AC1315 about an hour after I finished painting it.

    Looks great.  I have been planning on building one myself.   Do let me know how it "swims".  Interesting that you made the tale out of a margarine lid.  I have been making tails and fins out of the clear plastic that comes in the the "clamshell" retail containers for just about anything that hangs on peghooks. 

    Looks excellent Mark, well done

    Mark, that is awesome. It looks like a real fish at first glance.


    Sweet. Nice job Mark.

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    Great job Mark !!..Nate
    Dec 12 2014 02:19 PM

    Looks great Mark. Thanks for the tips on the plasti dip.

    mark poulson
    Dec 12 2014 04:08 PM

    Thanks guys.  It was neat to see it actually swam in an S shape, after I'd failed with other attempts.

    I found the key this time, for me, was to make sure both sections sank horizontal, and at the same rate.  Plus having loose hinge joints with very little up and down play, so the two sections stay aligned.

    I got both those tips from Dave on the glider thread in the forum.

    I like the margarine tub plastic because it is kind of soft, and it fits the saw kerf from my dovetail saw perfectly.  I didn't want anything that would weigh enough to throw off the sink rate, or balance, and this stuff didn't.

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    Looks awesome, Mark! Would love to see some video of it in the water :)

    By the way, am I correct in understanding that you created this out of a piece PVC trim (Azek), that would normally be used on building exteriors?


    How did you shape it, with a saw or by carving it?


    Would love to know more about the actual creation of the bait.