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3d Foiled Dean Helton

3d Foiled Dean Helton

This is my second attempt at putting 3d scales on a crankbait. It is a flat side balsa wood made by a good friend. I think this one turned out a little better than the first one. Thanks to all for your encouragement, input and advice.


    Looks good John. The scales turned out great.

    mark poulson
    Dec 12 2014 08:56 AM

    It really does look good.  

    I'm glad you were able to make such an original idea work!


    That thing should flash like a trooper's light bar in your rear view mirror when he rolls up on you!

    Thanks Guys, I am very happy with the out come and  it really does have a lot of flash. I will try to get a picture of how bright it is but, you can't see the scales or lure because it is so bright.


    Video of flashing scales. About 2 seconds into the video, you will see the bright flash. If you blink, you will miss it.



    I love the looks of these scales.

    Thanks Rhersh I am happy with the outcome of these also. Looking forward to learning to paint with the air brush. This was done with a small hobby paint brush, acrylics and D2T. I took it fishing a few days ago for about two hours and caught four small 14 to 15 inch bass and two stripes on it.