Photo Information for 10" Deviant Bass glide bait

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Are you using a 3d printer to make the masters. I am just amazed at all the detail work. How are you making your models? I would like to meet you sometime just to say I met a master artist!!

Any part of these are just crazy good.

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@ifish thank you. No 3d printer. I wish I could, I suppose it would cut my production time big time.


I just take a different approach from the mainstream. Most guys are just carving the body. I do carving also but I model with clay/putty mostly. is more like building a puzzle if you see what I mean: carve the body in wood, carve the main details also in wood, then start adding stuff (putty and modelling clay). then cover the body in a scale mesh - btw creating that scale mesh is a pain in the a**. this and getting a perfect symmetry I consider to be the greatest challenges.


I work through addition instead of substraction. What I can say is that it takes actually more than straight carving but I guess the results are better and you get that unique look. 

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