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I made this spybait yesterday.

It is Azek PVC trimboard, 3 1/2" long, 1/2" thick, 5/8" tall, and weighs 16 grams. I had to add 5 grams of lead ballast, split in front of and behind the belly hanger, which is a Spro swivel.

It falls at approx. 3/4' per second, which seems fine to me. The factory baits from Duo Realis fall at 1" per second.

I painted it with Wicked White as a base coat, Wildlife sparkle white over that, yellow sharpie for the stripe down the side, and then Createx med grey over the shoulders and back.

Once I'd heat set all the paint, I put on a coat of nail polish with some blur/green glitter.

I heat set the nail polish, let it sit for an hour, and added the shad dots with a black sharpie.

I heat set them, and then did one dip in AC1315.

No wrinkling or any other problems.

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That looks great Mark.  Good job. I have been working with Azek (largely due to your recommendation of it)  and I am getting some very nice lures going.  It is so nice to change weighting etc. w/o  having to get everything sealed up perfectly for each test.  One concern that I have is that there is no directional strength in Azek like there is with wood grain.  For instance, basswood would not be strong enough for this bait unless you oriented the grain lengthwise which you would do of course and it would be plenty strong.  Are you seeing any strength issue with Azek on baits this narrow?

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Barry, that's the reason I started with a 1/2" blank, because I was worried that a long, thin lure might be too weak if I went to 3/8" and had a tail hook.

I've made 1/2" baits before with Azek, but none that were this shape.

I have a bunch of the Azek decking, which is stronger, but a little less buoyant, that I could have used, but I wanted to start with the more buoyant trimboard, so I could add more ballast in the belly, to keep the bait upright on the retrieve.  

We'll see what happens when I get bit (I hope).


Thanks Bill.  I'm anxious to see how it swims, and holds up.

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Thanks Curt.

I took it for a swim at a local pond, and found the front prop wouldn't spin.  I bent the blades back a little, and, presto, liftoff!

When I got home I installed a small cupped prop washer behind each prop, and the now spin like my head after a couple too many!  Hahaha

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