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3d Foiled Rtltrp 02

3d Foiled Rtltrp 02

#3 3d scaled/foiled bait.
As DaveG said, " As I make these baits, I will look at them and always see something that I should have done differently or could have done better. He was right. I Have already seen a couple of things that I should do differently.

#1 I should have clear coated bait after placing scales on it and before painting the bait.
I did not see the edges of the foil until I took the picture and blew it up on the computer.

#2 I don't think I should have highlighted the edges of the scales that are in the yellow part of the belly area.
Again, I did not notice that it would have looked better without this until I Looked at it closely on the computer screen. I think the next one I make will not have the scales outlined at all.