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SF soft shad

SF soft shad

here's that new new improved shad that i have been toiling over the past 2 weeks. I must say there were some major difficulties with the mold and plastisol shrinking but luckily i was able to find a solution to the issue, no i just need to figure out how to keep the damn metal additive powder to stay in one place when i pour these things. the other color additives work just fine. the specs of these are 20 cm and 79g. the pikes in 2015 don't stand a change

    Wow! SF those have got to be the most detailed soft baits I have seen. Once again, very nice work! 



    Oh my goodness. That is some freakin detail. Very nice work. You have some major patience and talent Solarfall!!!

    Moon Lake Tackle
    Jan 12 2015 08:20 PM

    beautiful work!! those look great!

    You are good that's all there is to it

    thanks guys for the likes ;)