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Tailbait model called Creeping Death

Tailbait model called Creeping Death

This is my latest from my drying wheel. It is supposed to have a big curly tail at the end. I use these to fish Pike.

    Nice Work.



    Thanks Douglas!

    Jan 23 2015 12:43 PM

    Good looking baits. I've been thinking about trying to make a suspending lure like this for inshore fishing for Speckled Trout. I like the idea of the soft plastic tail added to a hard bait.

    Very Niccccce, I don't understand how you are getting that much detail. Are these hand painted with a regular brush? Almost looks like a Japanese technique. Super nice work.

    Thanks guys! Joe. This lures are sinking. I like to seek the Northern pike in the deep holes.
    I have never seen people use these kind of lures fishing for trout but it may work :).

    ifish. Thanks! I use 50% hand brush, 25% Airbrush and 25% with sponges and toilet paper and so on :)
    I haven't seen that much Japanese lures but what i've seen is really great!

    Im mostly inspired by Solarbaits, Trueglide and  Melosh.