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Hand Carved Blue Stripers

Hand Carved Blue Stripers

These are hand carved Blue Stripers made from PVC. The little one is 3 3/4" and weighs 1.2 ounces and the big one is 4 5/8" and weighs 1.8 ounces. The action is better than the originals.

    Jan 23 2015 10:28 PM
    Very clean work. Nice!

    Great looking baits Bass100. Really slick job on the paint and top coat. Like that shape as well.


    Have you tried them out yet? Reason I ask is that it seems your line tie should be a little rounder and a bit more exposed to give the tie more freedom to move. The hook hangers stick out a tad more and they look fine.


    It may just be me, but 3D eyes would look soooooooo much better than the flat, stick on eyes. Just my :twocents:



    Yes, they have all been tank tested and they have great action.  They are matched to the originals as far as the line tie goes.  You can tie directly to the line tie but the face is concaved like the originals so it can be a pain so it is best to use a snap.  They are 3D eyes.


    Thanks Joe.

    I just looked at the picture Ben I see what you are seeing now.  The face of the bait where the line tie is concaved in so it looks like there is a problem with the line ties but it is just the pic.  The eyes are 3D but I had to recess them at little bit to give a spot to add the eyes because there is no flat surface to put them on at the head.  The originals just had very small molded bumps for eyes.  As far as action goes they have a great side to side action and they wiggle on the fall like a red eye shad.  They also fall level and will sit on their own hooks.

    Thanks for the heads up on the eyes.  I used 3D holographic eyes but I did some tests with 3D pearl eyes and those eyes look far better.  I am not use to using very large eyes so I will have to get some more eyes.  Thanks Ben.

    Oh OK. Either the 3D eyes didn't show up well in the picture or my eyesight is failing much faster than I first thought which is probably more likely.  :blink: Whatever it is they are still great looking baits. :yay:



    Don't think I have ever seen one of these before. They sure are good looking baits. Love the color and the finish. Sounds like they have a great action too. Nice job.



    Thanks John.  It is a bait that Cotton Cordell discontinued many years ago.  It is very popular with fresh and salt water fishermen. 

    Your baits are beautiful and unique to anything in my tackle box.  I've never seen them before and am curious what the action is.  Is it a top water? Do you walk it like a super spook? Does it Plaster of Paris or chug when you work it?  Looks like it would be pretty rough of Stripers here on the California Delta fished as a Threadfin Shad or an American Shad.



    It is a very popular striper bait.  It has the same action like a fluke but you can work it much deeper.