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Just a color I made up!!

Had some time to paint again and just through some colors together!! Ole Blue Nose!!


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Thanks Barry!! For the scale pattern I used a shower puff. Cut it up and it will make lots and lots of scale stencils. tried a new wicked color along the back, was not sure how it would turn out.

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I wasn't sure about the colors the first time I looked at it, but after coming back and looking at it a couple times I keep liking it better and better. And as usual your work is really clean and crisp. Nice job. :yay:


Now you have to paint one with a red nose and call it Rudolph. :D



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Thanks Ben!!

I wasn't sure about the wicked color across the back either. I have had it a couple of years but never used it. Just wanted to give it a spray and see how it turned out.

Lol about Rudolph!!

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