Mylar Minnows


Playing around with a few options for tying the "Mylar Minnow"

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I don't tie flies, but I do appreciate good work. When I first looked at them I thought they were hard baits. That is some really nice work.



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Thanks RayburnGuy, there are hundreds of variations of the "Mylar Minnow". These are made using a shaped holographic foil insert under the woven tube that allows shaping the body to different shapes. Looking forward to better weather to give this thing a proper water test.

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You are right on, Fish Skull from "FlyMen"  They make great stuff.  I also have some made with the new clear "Mask."  Waiting for some liquid state waters to give them a try.



Jim P

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How do they look in the water?

I thought about making one similar to yours.

One that floats with tube type insulating foam from the hardware store.

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These things behave like any other light weight jig. The head is made with more weight on the bottom side. The main difference is that the hook point rides in the down position.  They can be made to ride upright as well.  They are made by "The Flymen Fishing Company" and thay have a line of creative fly tying products.  Here is a link to Flymen

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