Dt6 brown purple stenciled 1

My first attempt at stencils.

These are Predator Baits knockoffs, cleaned with acetone before painting.

They are all phantom schemes, so they are semi-transparent when held up to light.

All are a med. brown back, lavender/deep blue mix stenciled joints, sparkle white/tran. orange belly. Createx and Wildlife paints, AC1315 topcoat, dipped one time.

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Thanks guys.

I was shamed  into trying stencils by all the great work you guys here do.

The colors are mostly Createx transparents.

I cleaned the plastic with acetone, shot Wildlife color sparkle white on the belly until it shone, then did several light coats with Createx med. brown over the back and shoulders, down to where I wanted the joints to end.

I cut a clear margarine tub top to the shapes of several different joint sizes, and used Createx violet with some deep blue to darken it a little to shoot the joints.

I used the same violet to mark the claws on the top side of the bill.

I used transparent orange to mark segments on the belly, and to make the claws on the underside of the bill.  I used my thumb for a template for the bill claws.

I just took some pictures with light shining through the baits so you can see how translucent they look when back lit.

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