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First Attempts at Prop Baits

First attempts at topwater prop baits, all handmade from balsa. Obviously this gill just got clearcoat and doesn't have the props installed yet, but I am not unhappy with the paint job considering it is only the third bluegill pattern I have ever tried to paint. Any and all constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks.


© Denver Haddix, Jr.


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Nice looking bait!. I'm pretty fond of bluegill patterns since they are the primary bait in the smaller lakes where I live. I like the sparkle to the top. What color paint did you use for the top and is glitter added or is that pearl paint?

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Zev11, the top of the bait is painted with Createx Wicked Moss Green Detail, as are the dark stripes.  I left my laptop at the office over the weekend so I am just now seeing this, so I don't have my materials handy, but the glitter is, I believe, a glitter glue that I got at WalMart.  I think its probably the "White" glitter color, but basically I put a couple drops of glitter glue on the back and start spreading with my finger (after I am positive my paint is good and dry of course), pushing the glitter and glue where I want it on the bait.  After I am fairly satisfied with where the glitter is, I get out my hair dryer and start drying the glue, which as long as you don't go crazy, dries away to basically nothing, leaving only the glitter.  I coat with D2T and haven't had any issues.  I have the glitter in this "White" (which I think of more as just holographic), Silver, Gold, Green, and Red I believe.  I used it all the time, allows me to get the glitter more or less just where I want it. 


Thanks for the positive comments, I appreciate them, and thanks again to the community here!

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