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craw joint stencil 2

Here's the margarine top I used to make my clear stencils. It is semi-soft, but hitting it with a hair dryer helps. For me, it's not rocket science, or I'd have to ask one of my kids to do it.


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Hahaha  I'm not used to having time to spare, so most of my lure making is done with the fewest steps and the least time possible.  

Adding this kind of detail is not something I had planned on trying, but it is fun.

I finally practiced and refined my method enough so that it only adds an extra 10 minutes per lure, but it does add another layer of fun to the whole process for me.

Again, as a hobby builder, I look for cheap, quick, and doable from the things I have lying around.  I'm sure there are better stencil materails, and painting processes.

But, since I added a MAC valve from Iwata to my air brush, just before the quick disconnect at the brush itself, I'm able to do much more detail because of the added control it provides.

Watching Michael Orinstein's video on how he paints was the reason I got the MAC valve, so it's all his fault!!!!  Hahaha

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