deep 21 gram 2 top view

PVC trimboard, 3 1/2" long, 7/8" tall, 7/16" thick, 21 grams including 7 grams ballast.

All Createx and Wildlife colors, with pearl silver as the scale color.

I put the ballast in vertical holes, and moved it so 1/3 of the ballast lead (3/16 lead wire) is above the centerline between the front screw eye and the back screw eye.

2.3 grams behind the middle swivel/hook hanger, the rest in three holes in front of that hook hanger spread 2.3 grams, 2 grams, and the last .6 gram centered on the centerline.

The lure falls just slightly nose down, and, because the ballast is so high, it wobbles on the fall, like a Red Eye Shad.

I made this larger from top to bottom than my others, and heavier, because I wanted it to get down deep more quickly, and to have a larger presence in the deeper water.

I made and finished this bait in 3 hours today, and have already dipped it once in AC1315, heat set so I could put the hardware on after another hour.

I'll find out this weekend if it works, or if I'm just dreaming again. Hahaha

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