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deep 21 gram 3 bottom view

PVC trimboard, 3 1/2" long, 7/8" tall, 7/16" thick, 21 grams including 7 grams ballast.

All Createx and Wildlife colors, with pearl silver as the scale color.

I put the ballast in vertical holes, and moved it so 1/3 of the ballast lead (3/16 lead wire) is above the centerline between the front screw eye and the back screw eye.

2.3 grams behind the middle swivel/hook hanger, the rest in three holes in front of that hook hanger spread 2.3 grams, 2 grams, and the last .6 gram centered on the centerline.

The lure falls just slightly nose down, and, because the ballast is so high, it wobbles on the fall, like a Red Eye Shad.

I made this larger from top to bottom than my others, and heavier, because I wanted it to get down deep more quickly, and to have a larger presence in the deeper water.

I made and finished this bait in 3 hours today, and have already dipped it once in AC1315, heat set so I could put the hardware on after another hour.

I'll find out this weekend if it works, or if I'm just dreaming again. Hahaha


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good looking bait, I believe it will get bit. I do not think you are dreaming again. looking forward to reading the results of your next trip. Hope it catches a bunch.



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I did.  I took the props I got online, and bent one of them to make it spin in the other direction.  I also shortened the blades a little, to make it more of a finesse bait.  I may put the longer props back on it, to see how it swims.

But I found with my first spybaits that the ballasting is the key to getting it to wobble on the fall.  The props help it wobble on the retrieve.



Thanks.  It has a lot bigger presence in the water than the other spybaits I made, or than the original.

I'm hoping it will be tempting for deeper suspended bass that usually don't see cranks down past 20'.

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3 hours?  Uncle!!!  My standing joke is when someone ask me how long  it took me goes like this..."Well uh I guess I took about 2 weeks to make that bait.  Not  working on it all day of course, more like half days.  You know, 12 hrs."


No kidding, that bait looks great.  Good job and I hope it catches 'em.  Start to finish in 3 hrs is amazing.  The other thing that floored me was that you planning on fishing it "down past 20'."  I don't know how you figured out all that weight placement stuff but I got a feeling you're going to send us another picture of a big so-cal bass.


(Sounds like we're pumping too much water down there if you have a resevoir with more than 20 feet of water in it during this drought.)

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That's the beauty of PVC.  No sealing, so I can shape it and add ballast in the same hour. 

It honestly takes me longer to paint and topcoat than it does to build.

I am talking about expanding on a bait I've already built, so I'm not reinventing anything.

But I've worked hard to come up with a system that is fast and easy, and produces baits that work.

JR Hopkins turned me on to Azek PVC decking, and then trimboard, and it opened a whole new world for me.

Let me say right up front, I'm not building art.  I'm trying to build lures that catch bass, not fishermen.

I am a carpenter.  I've built things with my hands for 50 years, so the building process is second nature to me.

Plus, using an oscillating belt sander for the majority of my shaping makes the process fast.

I learned a long time ago that having the right tools makes any job go a whole lot easier.

I work off of a bait profile cut out on a bandsaw.  

I use a centerline to try and keep the bait symmetrical, but close counts.  Exact is a waste of time.  I shape by eye.

I use a shape I'm familiar with, even if I alter it, and the same ballasting ideas apply, no matter what I'm actually building.

I learned a long time ago to "get the job done", to not get distracted by details.  Once I find a bait that works, I can refine the details, but getting a bait to work is my first goal.

I try to share what makes the baits I post work, so others can learn what I've learned from others here.

Yes, Castaic is a deep reservoir, so there is still a lot of water deeper than 20'.  Finding where the fish are holding is a whole 'nother deal!  Hahaha

Dude, this is supposed to be fun!

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