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kuttafurra lures..... bug lure

bug lure

kuttafurra lures..... bug lure

hand carved timber bug lure im working on ....so far im pretty happy with it so thought id show the stages as I get ready to paint and fit it out ...

    Your lures are incredible! What kind of bug is this lure made after? Im from the states and don't recognize it. I have to say it is Amazing!

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    thanks mate .... love trying things as I think I learn more each time ...will get a picture so you can see the bug .....thanks heaps aaron

    mark poulson
    Feb 06 2015 11:08 AM

    I agree, it's amazing.  It's also scary as hell!

    Like something from the Outer Limits.

    I would never swim in water that had those things in it!

    Great work!  I look forward to more of your progress photos.