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Dave Marciano 1

Dave Marciano 1

I custom painted this for Dave Marciano . 15" long

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    Beautiful work.  Looks great.

    don't know who Dave M. is but that sure is a beautiful bait.

    Thank You so much for the comment, Dave Marciano, is from WICKED TUNA the TV show, he the Captain of the Hard Mechandise boat. He will be in Columbus this weekend. at the fishing expo.

    WOW!!!  I wish I could paint half as good as you.

    That's pretty funny. It look's like you used all of the colors in your crayon box.



    Feb 17 2015 12:00 PM

    Nice paint !  Is that Acadia in the background?

    It could be it's just a poster I lay my lures on to take the pictures. Thanks for asking.