2 inch shad moving ballast

Three PVC shad baits, with different movable ballast locations, to see if one position or another will make the baits hunt.

They are actually 2 1/4" long, 3/4" thick, and 7/8" tall, with 1/16" lexan bills. The twist wire line ties are tight to where the bill enters the baits. I used a 1.5 squarebill as a model.

Two weigh 15 grams, with 4.6 grams of ballast.

The other weighs 14.5, with 4.5 grams.

I used 3 gram (2.9 really) belly hook hangers, and I put two SST ball bearings that each weigh .85 grams in the through holes that you can see filled with bondo. The bb's move side to side, and hit the 5/16" coke can aluminum disc that seals their tubes. The 1/4" holes are approx. 4 bb's wide, so there's a lot of room for side to side movement.

They all three swim great at my local pond, with a very wide X, but I couldn't tell if they are erratic, because the water was too dirty to see that.

I will mark them all on the belly, paint and coat them tomorrow, and fish them Sunday in a clear water lake.

Hopefully one, or more, will hunt.

Fingers crossed!

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I fished the three yesterday, and the one with the ballast the highest, completely above the center line and directly above the hook hanger (the top one in the photo) had the erratic retrieve.  It would change direction every four to six feet, and veer off in the other direction.

I'm going to try some deeper divers next, with the movable ballast feature.

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