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Alumi-UV clear coat

This is just a random craw I painted with the leftover paint in the gun while doing orders. It is cleared with Alumi-UV clear coat. I keep the clear cool so it stays kinda heavy/thick and brushed it on. It was placed on a turner for about 30 minutes and then I just set up the black light under the turner. Not sure how long it took to cure but I left it there all night. At first it had a little bit of a satin finish but just gently rubbed on it with my tee shirt and really shined right up. I was very surprised and pleased to see this. It seems pretty hard but I can't comment on how durable it is yet. It doesn't look like etex or devcon but it sure was easy. The final test will be dragging it on some rocks and stumps. Hope this is helpful to some that may be considering trying this product.


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Kind of looks like a "camo" pattern to me. At least from the pic`s.


 With that type of bill, it looks like it should bounce of rocks and such nicely.


 Make one that goes through "grass" and I`ll test it for you in Florida.  LOL! 

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that looks like it would work phenomenally for river smallmouth!  Florida didn't get all the heat, looks like for me the bass will be biting early. Nothin like 65 F weather in February. lol. Again, i love the scheme!

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