4 inch Rat 9

A 4" rat I made and painted yesterday. I took the pictures before I top coated it with AC1315, because I wanted to show all the warts, and because the gloss finish makes my photos worse!

It is PVC, from two 1/2" scraps I glued together with gap filling Zap glue, and clamped for 30 minutes.

It is 4" long, 7/8' tall at the ears, 7/8" wide at the head, and weighs 32 grams as pictured, with the .072 sst screw eye line tie and hinge, two Spro #4 swivels for hook hangers, and a sst hitch hiker for the tail attachment. The bill is 1/*" lexan, 1 1/2" wide, and projects 3/4" from the lure. The angle is 75 degrees+-. I eyeballed it, and it worked, so close counts.

I'll post a finished picture when I've got it top coated.

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