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4 inch Rat 11

The rat, finished. It weighs 38.5 grams, out the door with one dip coat of AC1315.

I used red glow-in-the-dark powder in some clear nail polish to fill the recessed eyes, and then added two drops of Solarez resin to get them to have the 3D effect.


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I just made another one, with more body shaping and larger bulging eyes.  I'll post pictures tomorrow, after the AC1315 has cured overnight.

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Nice looking rat. I've made a few that work pretty good but I'd like to test out more variations of it to find what works best. Where did you put the ballast on yours?

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I didn't add any ballast.  The bill, plus the two trebles and their #4 Spro swivel hook hangers, are the only ballast I needed.  It swim upright every time, and even wakes at high speeds if I hold the rod tip high.

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